Time Slot Management

The shops raise funds for The Benjamin Foundation, who work with young people and families in need of support across Suffolk. You can visit the shops to donate or buy without an appointment, but you will not be able to enter the recycling centre. Trade customers/ vehicles are restricted to two appointments per 7 day period. We reserve the right to cancel any multiple bookings by trade customers/ vehicles made in a 7 day period.

Slots will be distributed and awarded proportionally within each gender. If any IRONMAN World Championship slots roll down, those slots will stay within the same gender. The donation areas for pre-loved goods are in the Recycling Centres, so if you’re planning to donate, you’ll need to make a booking. Your allowance will not roll forward if you don’t use all of your available slots for the month.
This is a huge advantage for us, because we have now created transparency in raw materials delivery and in shipping. You can prepare standard reports and evaluate KPIs at the press of a button, e.g. to meet deadlines and determine truck waiting or processing times. Compost is available for sale on all sites for £3.00 per 25 litre bag.You must have a booking in order to visit any of Suffolk’s Recycling Centres, even if you are only purchasing compost. Please sort your waste to speed up your visit and practise social distancing when moving between containers. Please do not come to site more that 5 minutes before your time slot.
The booking system will remain in place for the time being to manage customer demand and facilitate continuation of a controlled and safe recycling centre operation. If you are unable to find your booking details or email, please do not make another booking. If you have booked and you can no longer visit in the vehicle you booked with (for example, if your car won’t start), you will be able to use another car from your household.
Alternate time-slot length availability and booking is also possible. We are testing an entry gate which automatically opens when it detects the number plate of vehicles with valid bookings. Using this technology will allow staff to concentrate on operating the site instead of checking vehicles in at the gate. Cars, cars with small trailers, and car derived vans should unload within ten minutes if possible. BIZZBET สล็อต Your booked 15 minute slot will allow for time to get in, parked and back out again. You can request additional support by emailing at least 2 days before your booking.

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